Peakmines Update [EN]

Hey Miners!

A week has passed since we started our adventure in the Metaverse of Peakmines, unexpected things have happened but with the love and support of the community we’ve managed to keep going forward and we keep forging our way. Our purpose here is and will always be to build one of the best NFT games, and we strongly believe we can achieve this. But the world of Crypto moves way faster than we can develop new features, so that’s why we need to add some changes to bring more stability and strength to our $PEAK token, alongside the upcoming new updates that are nearby.

After analyzing it a lot, we’ve decided to introduce the next changes:

Workers Contract

Your loyal workers will always be with you, they get better with each expedition, but now it’s time to give them something back for their hard work. In order to get them mining, you need to pay a contract which is stated in Uses, and will have a cost of 2 $PEAK per use with a minimum quantity of 7 Uses. Additionally, it will have a fee of 0.01 BNB per contract payment.

100% of the collected $PEAK will be directed to the Reward Pool, and the collected BNB will serve for the sustainability of the project and the company.

Augmented Experience

The Dwarfs learn from their losses, but they learn a lot more from their victories. This is why the Experience obtained in each successful mining will be duplicated, so that your miners can grow their success rate a lot faster.

Decrease in Pickaxe durability

Pickaxes have a pretty extended durability that does not permit the burn of NFTs before the entire cycle of extraction for a Mine, shortening this time will allow the reinvestment and the burning mechanisms to work better inside the game.

Following the previously said, the durability for pickaxes will be reduced in the new mints as well as in the existing pickaxes.

By the moment we apply this change, all pickaxes that had more existing time will be updated to the max durability shown in the table below.

Pickaxe Upgrade

The Dwarfs keep making alliances to be more efficient and obtain better rewards. The Enchanter has joined their roaster, and he will help them to upgrade their pickaxes to gain more Mining Power.

Now you will be able to upgrade the level of your pickaxe paying a cost of 3 $PEAK per level until level 10, and each of these levels will grant you a percentage of extra MP. But be careful, there’s a risk of breaking your pickaxe in the process.

This will allow you to extract more minerals from a Mine in a shorter time period, also using less Worker Contracts.

Pickaxe Repairing

Now, pickaxes are more powerful and you wouldn’t want to lose them so easily, so that’s why we will introduce a Pickaxe Repairing System, which is going to have a cost charged in $PEAK which will be increasing according to the rarity and level of your pickaxe.

Furnace Durability

Beginning in this new update, refining time will now depend on the rarity. This way, the value of a furnace will not only be told by the quantity of slots.

Refining Time

Beginning in this new update, refining time for the furnaces will now depend on their rarity. This way, the value of a furnace will not only be told by the quantity of slots it has.

Daily Extraction of Mines

Now we will be able to successfully mine once per day, meaning that your Mine won’t become unavailable after a failed mining. This will help to increase your daily refining capacity.

Minerals Value Increase

Some of the changes previously mentioned will need a higher investment by the players, so this will be compensated with an increase in the value of minerals when exchanging in the bank, as follows:

Staking System

The Staking System will be added, where you’ll be able to stake you $PEAK, even the unclaimed ones, so that you can start gaining interest while you wait the 0% for claiming.

Lock time: 15 days.
APR: 730%

NFT burning

You could only burn (fire) workers directly. Pickaxes, Mines and Furnaces will burn by usage.

Upgrade in Return Value when firing a Worker

Fire a worker will now return 40% of the minting value, which will allow a lot of players to keep minting until they get better workers.


Commission in the marketplace will be increased to 15%. This will be distributed as follows: 10% for the Reward Pool and 5% for Governance NFT Holders.


We know that the decisions we take will always have detractors so that why we are adding, as stated in the roadmap, a voting system in which will participate all holders of our Governance NFT collection.

We will put on sale 1000 NFTs, each one granting 1 vote in this voting system for Peakmines, meaning that Holders of these NFTs will have decision power about the course and new updates of the game.

On the other hand, these NFT Holders will receive the distribution of the income for the 5% commission on the marketplace, daily.

One wallet can have many NFTs, receive the income and one vote for each one of them.

The minting cost will be 500 $PEAK + 0.1 BNB.

These NFTs are allowed to be sold in the internal Marketplace as well as in external platforms.

Premium Starter Pack buyers can acquire these NFTs with a 50% discount, one for each pack they bought.

These changes will be added progressively and we will be making the announcements for each one

We appreciate all the trust and support, take for granted that we will keep working for the benefit of all our players.

Happy mining!




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